Off the Mat

I haven’t been going to class. It’s not that I decided to stop going. Or that I think life is better without that hour and a half of peaceful self-battle. I just… haven’t been going.

I seem too busy to go. I’ve had visitors in town; I went to Boston for several days. I’ve had grocery shopping to do – the usual excuses.

But I’m antsy and bored – the kind of antsy I get when I forgo any downtime. I’ve taken up running (no one says ‘jogging’ anymore, do they? – even though that more closely resembles what I do) because I want to feel my body move in a new way. I want to work off this restlessness, and come home exhausted so that I don’t have to think at all.

It took reading Danny Gregory’s recent entry (Slo-Mo) to remind me that I can meditate anywhere. On the commute, during my morning jog, on my lunch break. I’ll try to keep those things in mind as a bustle around town.

At least until I can haul myself, blissful and willy nilly, to class again.

– mmny


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