may i be free from all suffering

Monika is a kindly German woman that attends the Tuesday class at my studio. Today she returned for the class I had covered last week and I was happy to see a familiar face.

Me: “Monika, how are you feeling today?”
Monika: “Good, and how are you?”
Me: “Good. Good.”
Monika: “Of course you are good. You are a yoga teacher.”

And I laughed, mocking myself. We suffer. As teachers, as students, as budding Buddhists. Although I clearly see the suffering that those padding themselves with food, media, drink, drugs, false love, are bearing, I feel that as we deepen our practice, we become more sensitive, more raw, layers and layers are peeled away…there is always an extended answer when someone asks a yogi, “How do you feel?”. And so for Monika to sum up that I must feel good seemed placated. But I wanted to believe her. I truly did.



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