Friday Night Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is not about suppressing your sexuality or sexual energy but about accepting yourself as a sexual blissful being and transmuting that energy upwards to your higher chakras for rejuvenation of your body as well as higher consciousness and brain illumination. [via]

Ah, and thank goodness for that. I celebrated my Friday night at an eight o’clock yoga class – populated with about ten young ladies, and led by one dark, lithe French Canadian. His accent rivaled those in my fantasies of being swept off my feet by a Parisian lover.

I almost always feel something different in each yoga class. Sometimes I feel smooth and long. More often, I feel stiff, tight and tense. Last night, I felt warm and luxurious. It was, as my fellow Martini and Mantra writer says, a delicious practice. I felt as though I were moving through sheets of silk.

Was it simply the letting go of the week’s tension? The warming temperatures of spring? Is it because I decided to practice with my hair down? (I almost always tie in back tight in a pony and a headband to keep it out of my face.) Or was it due to my pliant instructor and his butter-churned voice?

I can’t be sure, of course. But I’m glad to have read this definition of brahmacharya this morning. That way I don’t have to feel guilty for indulging in next week’s class.

– mmny


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